Community Paw Prints

Thank you for visiting! Ultimately our goal as a business is to spread love and help others while bringin families together in the great outdoors! Our outreach programs begin with family. Our family grew up camping, our best memories came from our camping trips. Our family dream was to open our own campground. When we grew up and moved away, we became wrapped up in our own lives and missed our great memories together, so we started talking and decided to purchase the campground to help other families establish memories of their own." This camp is a story of perserverence and faith, a story of a family restored. We wish to share that love with you! As a camp, we seek to bring families together and enable them to embrace nature and each other while creating lifelong memories. We also look to be an extension for others that aren't quite as fortunate, due to the depth and need in the community we are very specific to the organizations we support financially. Here are a few of them

  • Alive cubed  
  • Students Helping Honduras
  • Dance 4 Change
  • Camp Sunshine

Devotional Services! - Check your activity calendars :)

Big Bear Hugs and God Bless,

 Chief, Momma Bear, Running Bear, Happy Feet and the entire Yogi Bear Marion Team