Camo Week

 April 4th – April 10th

Camo Week

Green, brown, pink or get even more creative…you choose what color camo you like best and come decked out for the weekend!  Make nature’s dog tags, home-made duck calls and marshmallow shooters to compete in the marksmanship competition! Play “Capture the Flag” or try your sleuthing skills during the scavenger hunt. Finally get the whole family duded up to compete in the “Duck Dynasty” look a like contest at the dance.


Bear Standards

  • Hop on a “Hey” ride
  • Sing for S’mores with Yogi Bear
  • Rise and Shine for coffee & Boo-Boo Bites with one of the bears  
  • Arts N’ Crafts
  • Recreational Fun N’ Games
  • Candy bar and Family BINGO
  • Campers vs. Staff Volleyball


A Taste of Our Themed Activities


  • Create nature’s unique dog tags, home-made duck calls and marshmallow shooters during arts & crafts
  • Show off your marksmanship skills using your marshmallow shooter
  • Camo outfit  and “Duck Dynasty” look a like competition during the dance


* Bear Standards are activities that occur intermittently during the week regardless of theme